The Eagle and Child: S1E2 – “Preface” (Part 2)



Rather than having to wait a week, we decided to release Episode 2 of “The Eagle and Child” podcast where we conclude our journey through the Preface of “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis. I think Matt and I are starting to find our stride with this now 🙂

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Episode 2: Preface – Part 2 (Download)


— Show Notes —

* My outline and notes for the Preface are available here.

* If you are interested in listening to talk about Mary which I mentioned in the episode, it is available here and is entitled “Mary and the Early Church”. I also have a talk more generally on Biblical Typology called “Hidden Treasure”.

* Towards the end of the episode, Matt mentioned a talk by David Foster Wallace called “This is Water”.

* Both episodes of the John Crist spoof of “House Hunters” which I mentioned is available here.

* The Foreword read by Matt was by Kathleen Norris and is found in this edition of the book.

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