Camino Tips: Equipment



Probably the most important thing to consider when preparing for the Camino is your pack. In assembling mine, I consulted the list of recommendations found in a companion book I had bought, as well as some other lists I found online. Here is a categorized list of everything I carried on my back along the Camino:

Walking Gear
Backpack (with rain sheet)
Waterproof jacket
Waterproof trouser/pants covers
Hat (for sun/rain)
Suntan lotion (SPF 30+)
Buff Headwear (great for keeping the sun off your neck)
Trainers/sneakers for exploring the town in the evenings (Optional)

Long sleeve (quick-dry) tops x2
T-shirt (quick-dry) x1
Trousers which convert to shorts x2
Underwear x2
Socks x4
A pair of shorts to be used as pyjamas

Sleeping bag (liner)
Inflatable pillow

Flip-flops for the shower
Nail clipper
Quick-drying towel

Concentrated washing liquid
Scrubba (Optional, but very convenient and a great conversation starter)
Plastic Clothes Pegs

First Aid Kit (Compeed, scissors, band-aids/plasters, tape)
Phone (and charger)
Camino Scallop Shell (Buy in St. Jean)
Camino Guide Book/Maps
$300 in Euros and an ATM card

I’ll be drawing particular attention to some of these items in subsequent posts.

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  • Wow, that Scrubba looks awesome! I need to get one for our camping trips! We always wait until we can find a laundromat but this seems pretty useful for clothes that are used frequently. Thanks for sharing!

    For ladies traveling the camino, I’m sure they’d need some feminine hygiene options. I know of a few useful/less wasteful and light options.

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