Resolution Update

Okaaaaay….it’s new resolution update time…

1. Read through the New Testament Twice
My reading has been too irregular.

2. More dancing

3. Be more gentle with people
Some successes and failures

4. No sodas/fizzy drinks
21 days clean 🙂

5. Get into the best shape of my life
Boot camp still going well

6. Complete reading list
Over half way through The Church And The New Media and loving it 🙂

7. Keep proper track of finances
Mostly good

8. Tick something off my TODO list
My mirror is covered with crossed-off items!

10. Fast on Wednesday and Friday
Halo is nice and shiny

11. Give up Facebook for 40 days
Will be doing this in March.

12. Make an effort to dress well for Mass
Looking swanky 🙂

One comment

  • I like. someday i’ll be a good enough person to give up fizzy drinks. That time has not come as of yet though… I’m also working #3.

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