Disturbing numbers

Today I looked up the number of abortions which happen worldwide in the space of a year. The number was truly shocking:

42 Million

42….million…that number is just far too big for me to even try and wrap my head around. How about the number just in the US?

1.37 Million

1.37….million… Even that number is too large for me to even attempt to visualize… What would that be per day?


Over three and a half thousand abortions a day in the USA… To put that into context, September 11th, the event that shook the world, claimed approximately 2,977 lives…

Safe, Legal & Rare

I recall hearing a soundbite on TV of a certain politician defending the current abortion laws and saying that he wanted abortion to be “safe, legal and rare”.

I’m sure there’s constant medical progress towards protecting the mother’s health during the abortion procedure.

Abortion is certainly legal.

But rare?

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