Patron Saint of…unattractive people?!

In this month’s “Theology on Tap” here in San Diego we had a talk by Bernadeane Carr entitled “Saints: Our friends in high places”. In it, she talked about the Saints who are associated with a particular cause, complaint or profession, the Saints whom we call “Patron Saints”. I therefore wanted to share with you some of the more…erm…”interesting” patron Saints I’ve come across. Believe it or not, there is a Patron Saint of unattractive people…

His name is Saint Drogo, the son of Flemish nobility. Unfortunately, his mother died giving birth to him (for which he always felt responsible) and his father died while he was a teenager. At the age of 18 he disposed of all of his property, lived a life of extreme penance and became a permanent pilgrim (I’m sure he’d have liked this blog if he was around today). He also worked as a shepherd for some time and it was claimed that he was able to bi-locate – being at Mass and being out in the fields at the same time (many football fans today pray for this gift).

Saint Drogo is the patron Saint of unattractive people because during one pilgrimage he contracted a disease which caused him to develop severe bodily deformities. The people of the village built a small cell attached to the local church to provide him with a place to live and to also protect them from seeing his deformities (nice, hey?!). St. Drogo stayed in his cell for the next forty years, having no contact with anyone, except to receive his simple sustenance: barley, water and the Eucharist.

His feast day is April 16th….my birthday. I think this blog just found its patron Saint.


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