Logical Errors

I’ve said for a long time that if I ever have kids, I’ll make sure they’re well schooled in logic and debate. Some days I almost want to cry when I see my Facebook newsfeed littered with logical fallacies and watch friends get bent out of shape in an argument.

Here are some rather amusing memes to help learn the different kinds of fallacy which may be committed.

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Quick Apology: Circumcision and Abortion?


During my blogging hiatus, one of my friends posted the following meme:


When I first saw this meme I sat there for a few minutes trying to work out what argument it was actually making. It’s trying to point out what it perceives as an inconsistency, but what solution is being implied here? Is the meme-maker saying that circumcision shouldn’t happen because of potential pain experienced by the baby? Or is the argument being made that babies should be aborted, regardless of whether or not they suffer pain during the process?

Of course, a false equivalency is being made here. The number of babies who die because of circumcision is somewhat lower than those who die from abortion and, while some advantages to being circumcised may be argued, the unborn typically don’t report too many health benefits following the abortion procedure…

Atheistic Iceland Meme


My, there are a lot of atheism memes being posted on Facebook at the moment! Here’s one a friend recently posted:

Iceland Atheism

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Eastern Memes for the Great Fast

If you belong to an Eastern parish, then Lent starts tomorrow with “Clean Monday”. This means it’s time for strict abstinence: no meat, no dairy, no eggs…yaaaaay… In an effort to cheer myself up, I came up with some memes:

The Communion of Saints

A few days ago I created the following meme in an attempt to explain the Communion of Saints and the Canonization process to some non-Catholics on an Internet forum. I posted it on my Facebook page and a lot of people got a kick out of it, so here you go:


Quick Apology: Sinai Bible vs KJV


Last week I published an article outlining my response to an abortion meme posted on Facebook by a friend. Today I would like to do something similar. Below is a meme which I also saw on Facebook during Advent:


Once again, I would like to share a modified version of the response I posted in reply as I know some readers find it helpful to see how different Christians respond to stuff like this.

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