Friday Frivolity: Catholic Buzzfeed

Brantly Millegan recently launched a new website, ChurchPOP, the Catholic version of Buzzfeed:


Read why they’re contraception-free

Yesterday, Brantly Millegan posted on his blog Young, Evangelical, and Catholic the second part of his series “Why we’re contraception-free” (Part 1 | Part 2). I’ve really been enjoying it and I think you should read it too 🙂


The article Read why they’re contraception-free first appeared on

Total Apostasy

When speaking to non-Catholic Christians, Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons and Muslims, the discussion will often turn to “The Great Apostasy”. All these groups believe, to varying degrees, that there was a massive departure from “real” Christianity in  the Early Church and the Faith was lost.

Fortunately, a little knowledge of Scripture and Early Church history can rebut this assertion and this should be in the arsenal of every Catholic. With this in mind, I’d invite you to go and read the fantastic post by Brantly Millegan over at “Young, Evangelical and Catholic”:

Great Apostasy

Just in case…

Just in case you didn’t you didn’t realize it, yesterday was April Fools’ Day.

About a month ago, Joe Heschmeyer sent out an email to a number of Catholic bloggers inviting us to do something a little different for April Fools’ Day this year. Rather than doing the typical “fake news story”, he suggested we do some kind of satirical analysis:

…[the] Catholic issues that maybe have crossed your mind, but you think, “This is much too stupid to write a blog post about.”  It treads the fine line between the serious and the absurd.

I had shared with Joe my theories on He-Man, Christian Allegory and Transubstantiation when we got to hang out last November. It seemed to perfectly fit the criterion of “too stupid to write a blog post about”  🙂

Anyway, just in case you missed them, here are some of the other April Fools’ Day offerings out there:

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