Friday Frivolity: Happy Hanukkah

Yesterday was the end of the Hanukkah/Chanukah, the eight-day Jewish “Festival of Lights” which commemorates the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem after the Maccabean revolt.  I thought it therefore appropriate to share with you this little gem for this week’s Friday Frivolity:

Thanks Wallmart…

Early Church Fathers, Love & Romance

Yesterday’s post was rather long, so I’ll keep this one nice and short.

After the Office Christmas Party this weekend one of my coworkers, Kevin, and his girlfriend got engaged.  This put me in mind of two of my favourite quotations from the Early Church Fathers on the subject of love and marriage.

As I think I’ve said before, one of the things which constantly surprises me is that, although these men lived so long ago, they have so much wisdom from which today’s world could benefit.

The first quotation comes from a priest of the late 4th Century called John.  His preaching was so renowned, he acquired the name “golden mouth” or in Greek “chrysostomos”.  He is most commonly referred to as St. John Chrysostom.  He is one of the few to be declared a “Doctor of the Church”, a greatly deserved title.

“An intelligent, discreet, and pious young woman is worth more than all the money in the world. Tell her that you love her more than your own life, because this present life is nothing, and that your only hope is that the two of you pass through this life in such a way that, in the world to come, you will be united in perfect love” – St. John Chrysostom

Beautiful, isn’t it?  Superb advice – you’d never guess he was a celibate priest… 😉

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Daughters Of The King

The regularity of my posts in recent times has been pretty lamentable, but at least I can now finally explain why.  Much of my time over the last couple of months has been taken up with preparations for “Daughters Of The King”


The whole idea began back in August at Dan’s bachelor weekend.  Together with eight other guys, I spent the weekend hiking and camping a few hour’s drive from San Diego. While we were catching our breath halfway up a mountain, one of our number, Mike, shared with us an idea he had…

Mike wanted to put together some sort of event for all the ladies in our lives: friends, girlfriends, wives, sisters and mothers.  He wanted an evening for the guys to gather together specifically to honour all of the ladies.  Quite an extraordinary idea to come out of a bachelor weekend, hey?


Towards the end of September we began preparations.  I sent out an email to all the men on the JP2 mailing list, inviting them to join us in this unique enterprise.  Twenty men stepped up to the challenge…

We initially met at my apartment, drank some beer and discussed what kind of event we might organize. We were not short of ideas!  (In later meetings we would institute the “Don’t suggest an idea unless you’re willing to take it on yourself” rule!)  After much discussion, the idea we settled upon was to throw a classy gala evening in the parish hall of Our Lady of the Rosary.  We decided that the event would be completely free to the ladies and that the men would cook and serve all of the food.

We had wanted to hold the event on the same date as some Marian Feast, but we ended up choosing November 21st, the Feast of Christ the King.  From the title of this feast, we quickly settled upon the name of our event, since we would be spending the evening honouring the daughters of our aforementioned King.  Only later would we realise that this date is, in fact, actually also a minor Marian Feast, The Presentation of Mary, the commemoration of Our Lady’s presentation as a child in the Temple.

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In the midst of busyness, a happy thought

Okay, so I’ve been crazy-busy over the last few weeks (I hope to explain why sometime next week), but I just had a nice piece of news drop into my RSS Reader – “The Fathers Know Best” is currently being signed and shipped:

(I’m pretty sure my copy is the one there on the left)

Friday Frivolity: Is there a priest on board?

No video this week, just a little joke…

A man ran through a crowded train looking very agitated, calling out, “Is there a Catholic priest on board?”

When he got no reply, he ran back up the train shouting, “Is there an Anglican priest on board?” Still no reply.

By now becoming more desparate, he ran down the train shouting, “Is there a Rabbi on board?”

Eventually, a gentleman stood up and said, “Can I be of any assistance, my friend? I’m a Methodist minister”

The man looked at him and said, “No, you’re no good to me! I need a corkscrew!”

Friday Frivolity: Catholic Simpsons

The relationship between “The Simpsons” and religion has always been a rather interesting one.  There was a bit of a hoopla in the press and blogsophere recently when an article in the Vatican newsletter, L’Osservatore Romano, had the headline “Homer and Bart are Catholics”.  It was a silly piece which caused, in my opinion, a lot of fuss about nothing.

Having said that, the article was in reference to an analysis done by a certain Fr. Francesco Occhetta which concerned one of my favourite Simpsons episodes: “The Father, the Son, and the Holy Guest Star”, where Homer and Bart come into contact with the Catholic Church.  So, for this week’s “Friday Fivolity”, here are some of my favourite quotations from that episode…

Marge: “All of that standing, sitting and kneeling…It’s like ‘Simon Says’ without a winner!”

Marge:“Catholics can be a peculiar bunch. No birth control, no meat on Friday…”

Homer:“No MEAT?! What do they eat, light bulbs?!”

Homer:“Face it, Marge. Catholics rule! We got Boston, South America, the good part of Ireland, and we’re makin’ serious inroads in Mozambique, baby!”

Marge:“Homer, you’ve been gone all night—and you look like you accepted someone as your personal something. Were you at that Catholic Church?”
Homer:“Look, I know I was supposed to yell at that priest, but he’s so cool! He plays drums in a band with a bunch of other priests!”
Marge:“I knew they’d try to convert you! That’s what they do! Well, I’m not having another twelve kids.”
Homer:“Marge, no one’s saying twelve. Nine, ten, tops!” (Gets out a pamphlet entitled ‘Plop ’til You Drop’)

Bart:“This is a Catholic church. Chicks got no authority here”

Bart:“Don’t you get it? It’s all Christianity, people! The little, stupid differences are nothing next to the big stupid similarities!”

Homer: (after finishing confession) “Woo-hoo, I’m clean! In your face, Lord!
Fr. Sean:“Not yet, Mr. Simpson. I can only absolve you if you’re a Catholic”
Homer:“Uh-huh. And how do I join? Do I whale on some Unitarians?”
Fr. Sean:“Well, it’s a little harder than that. It starts with looking deep inside yourself…” (Homer groans) “But it ends with bread and wine”


A slight “oopsie” when they had Ned, an Evangelical, praying before the statue of a Saint…

I hope you enjoy.  Now, since it’s Friday, I’m off to go and eat some light bulbs… [wave]

Bible in a minute

I know I missed the Friday Frivolity last week, so I thought I’d provide a belated post: The Bible In A Minute:

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