The Eagle and Child: Episode 2 (Preface – Part 2)



Rather than having to wait a week, we decided to release Episode 2 of “The Eagle and Child” podcast where we conclude our journey through the Preface of “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis. I think Matt and I are starting to find our stride with this now 🙂

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Episode 2: Preface – Part 2 (Download)


— Show Notes —

* My outline and notes for the Preface are available here.

* If you are interested in listening to talk about Mary which I mentioned in the episode, it is available here and is entitled “Mary and the Early Church”. I also have a talk more generally on Biblical Typology called “Hidden Treasure”.

* Towards the end of the episode, Matt mentioned a talk by David Foster Wallace called “This is Water”.

* Both episodes of the John Crist spoof of “House Hunters” which I mentioned is available here.

* The Foreword read by Matt was by Kathleen Norris and is found in this edition of the book.

The Eagle and Child: Episode 1 (Preface – Part 1)



In case you didn’t know, here in San Diego I’m part of a C.S. Lewis reading group called “The Eagle and Child”, named after the pub in which Lewis and “The Inklings” would regularly meet. Inspired through these group discussions, my friend Matt and I have launched a podcast where we will be working our way chapter-by-chapter through “Mere Christianity”. In today’s episode, we begin the Preface…

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Episode 1: Preface – Part 1 (Download)


— Show Notes —

* My outline and notes for the Preface are available here.

Restless Heart: Episode 8 (“The ‘Dump Him’ List”)



Nessa is in charge this week! This means, of course, that we’re talking about dating. In this episode, Nessa outlines her “Dump Him” List and I offer a few of my own dating red flags as well…

Episode 8: The “Dump Him” List (Download)


— Show Notes —

* The “CIH” mentioned by Nessa at the beginning is The Children of the Immaculate Heart, an organization which serves the survivors of human trafficking.

* If you would like to help feed the homeless in Downtown San Diego, here is the Facebook Page for that group.

* The San Diego C.S. Lewis reading group is The Eagle and Child.

* When we were discussing friendships, I couldn’t remember who it was who said that you’re the average of the five people with whom you spend the most time. I’ve looked it up and it turns out that it was motivational speaker John Rohn.

* We mentioned Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler during our discussion. In case you haven’t come across them before, they are characters on a show called The Big Bang Theory.

* The Conference I said I was going to this weekend is The Catholic Answers Conference.

* If you would like to win a copy of Bobby and Jackie Angel’s new book, all you need to do is follow us on Twitter at @davidandnessa.

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Restless Heart: Episode 7 (“Friends in high places”)



In this week’s episode, Nessa and I speak a little bit about Saints, and I share the story of one of my favourite Saints, the English Catholic Martyr, St. Edmund Campion.

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Episode 7: Friends in high places (Download)


— Show Notes —

* Nessa’s video “My mother loves me” is available at the Agnus Dei Foundation Facebook page.

* The movie I mentioned at the beginning about the life of St. Francis was “Brother Sun, Sister Moon”.

Restless Heart: Episode 6 (“Is there life before marriage?” Part 2)



Nessa is back and we’re picking back up our discussion “Is there life before marriage?”. In today’s episode we talk about discernment, virtue and service.

Episode 6: Is there life before marriage? (Download)


— Show Notes —

* If you would like to listen to my original talk I gave on this subject to the Goretti Group, it is available here. The YouTube video is also available here.

* During our discussion, Nessa shared a quotation from Catholic Teen Posts on Instagram:

Purity is not the elimination of sexual attraction, but the ordering of sexual attraction demanded by love.

– Catholic Teen Posts

* …and the the quotation I offered from Ravi Zacharias was as follows:

“Chivalry in love has nothing to do with the sweetness of the appearance. It has everything to do with the tenderness of a heart determined to serve”

– Ravi Zacharias

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Mary and the Early Church (MP3)



Yesterday, I visited St. Ignatius Catholic Church in Los Angeles. The St. Ignatius Women’s Group invited me to give a presentation on the Blessed Virgin and the Early Church. This was a a longer version of a talk I had previously given at St. Brigid’s here in San Diego.

Over the course of forty-five minutes, I told the story of my initial struggles concerning Mary and the Catholic Marian doctrines, explaining how I eventually came to see the truth and beauty in the Catholic Church’s teaching concerning the Blessed Virgin. The audio and the handout are both available for download.

Mary and the Early Church (Download)

I was invited to speak to the group at St. Ignatius by a long-time reader of this blog. If you’re also interested in having me speak to a group at your parish or at a Diocesan Theology On Tap, please see my Speaking page for examples of other recorded talks. Just send me an email and we can work out the details! 🙂

Theology On Tap: Karen Reynolds (MP3)


May 2, 2017: Karen Reynolds @ St. Luke, El Cajon

Karen Reynolds is a missionary with a lifetime of faithful service to the Church. She currently serves Dirty Vagabond Ministries as the Chief Operating Officer and Director of Development. She is passionate about sharing the love of Jesus Christ with the lost and training/equipping missionaries.

A veteran of over 20 years of youth, college and young adult ministry, Karen started her career with Young Life serving as the Development Director of the Ohio Valley. Prior to her leadership with Dirty Vagabond, she was a diocesan and parish ministry director in Ventura CA, Denver CO, and Bermuda – to name a few.

Karen is a nationally recognized speaker, having witnessed to thousands over the past 15 years. In addition to being an avid reader and traveler, she has recently begun her plans to play drums in a rock band.

“Dirty Vagabond Ministries & Evangelization” (Download)


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