Evangelization For The Terrified (MP3)



I know I said I wouldn’t be posting during Lent, but this weekend I gave a talk, “Evangelization for the terrified”, at the San Pedro Calungsod Young Adult Retreat in San Diego and promised that I’d upload the audio the following week, together with links to the resources I mentioned in my talk.

The Talk

Unfortunately, the recording has the last ten minutes cut off… 🙁

Retreat Recording – Truncated (Download)

Fortunately, I just re-recorded the entire talk here at home. Since I didn’t have the time restrictions I had on the retreat, this recording is a little longer. Think of it as the Director’s Cut or the Extended Edition, which includes ten minutes of never-before-heard material!

Evangelization For The Terrified – Extended Edition (Download)

If you would like to listen to or watch previous talks I’ve given, please see the Speaking page.

Referenced Resources

David and SarahI began my talk by referencing the Papal Encyclical Evangelization In The Modern World.

When I speak about learning your faith, I mention a number of low-cost services which will help you learn the Catholic Faith:

FORMED (Catholic Answers)
ClaritasU (Brandon Vogt)
New St. Thomas Institute (Dr. Taylor Marshall)

I also mentioned recommend the following sites which are completely free:

Institute of Catholic Culture
St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

I mention that you can buy cheap books/CDs/DVDs to give away from Dynamic Catholic.

For staying up-to-date with Catholicism in the media, I recommend listening to Hearts & Minds and the Don Johnson Show.

If you would like lots of good examples of how seasoned apologists engage non-Catholics, please check out Catholic Answers Live.

The talk was concluded with a retelling of the story of the Sun and the Wind from Aesop’s Fables.

Forgiveness: The hardest and easiest


Although in the West Lent begins this coming (Ash) Wednesday, in the Byzantine Church the Great Fast (“Lent”) begins tomorrow.

For the duration of the Fast, I’m going to be off social media and I’m also not going to be posting anything here at the blog. I’ll be back on April 16th, Easter Sunday…which also happens to be my birthday 🙂

If you’re looking for something to do during Lent, I’d recommend reading a book of the Bible, Paul’s Epistle to the Philippians in particular. A couple of years ago, I did a video series during Lent on that book of the Bible. You can either watch all the videos on YouTube or check in at the site’s Facebook page where I’ll be uploading the videos several times a week.

In the Byzantine Church, as part of our final preparation for Lent, tonight we celebrate “Forgiveness Vespers”. It is similar to the usual service of Vespers, but we also ask for forgiveness from each other for any hurts we have inflicted upon one another this past year. It therefore seemed appropriate to share in this final post a quotation from my spiritual father, Fr. Nicholas:

“At one and the same time, forgiving is the hardest thing in the world and the easiest. It is the hardest because we don’t want to. It is the easiest when we let Jesus do it”

– Our God Heals, Fr. Nicholas Broadbridge

Debate: Does God Exist?

I’m currently trying to get into the habit of watching one debate each week. Here’s this week’s entry, “Does God Exist?”, with Dr. William Lane Craig (affirmative) and the late Christopher Hitchens (negative):

Friday Frivolity: Know your ashes

Next week Lent begins and all the Western Catholics will be getting their ashes. Make sure you know the different types!


Lent with Meg

Lent is now on the horizon. If you’re looking for some creative Lent ideas, I thoroughly recommend that you check out the following post from my friend, Meg Hunter-Kilmer, entitled 100 Things to Do for Lent:

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 1.04.04 PM

Meg has lots of great suggestions as to how one can embrace the Church’s exhortation to pray, fast and give alms. If you’re looking to have a more creative, out-of-the-ordinary Lent, please give it a read.

If you’d like to know more about Meg, or if you’d like to get energized about Lent, Meg was also recently interviewed on Fountain of Carrots where you’ll get to hear how she approaches the upcoming liturgical season:

Wise Words on Wednesday: The God We Discover


In [our] pain, we discover a God who invites us into a love that set fire to a bush in the desert, forced open graves, and enabled the dead to walk again

– Edith Prendergast

Debate: Has the Qur’an Been Changed

Once of the central claims in Islam is the immutability of the Qur’an. It is repeatedly asserted that what was given to Muhammad is exactly what is found in copies of today’s Arabic Qur’an.

I’ll be writing about it myself once I’ve finished reading the Qur’an, but in the meantime, here’s a very detailed debate focussing on this very question:

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