If you enjoy listening to podcasts, I have a number of feeds which may interest you:

David Bates Talks (Feed | iTunes | Google Play)
These are the recordings of the different talks I have given around the country on the subjects of Sacred Scripture, Chastity, Church History and Apologetics.

The Restless Heart (Feed | iTunes | Google Play)
In this podcast, Nessa and I talk about faith, Saints, courtship and everything else Catholic.

The Eagle and Child (Feed | iTunes | Google Play)
Each week I get together with my friend Matt to talk through the chapter of a book by C.S. Lewis. We are currently working our way through “Mere Christianity”.

The Epistle of Joy (Feed)
These are the audio versions of the video series I produced for Lent, discussing St. Paul’s epistle to the Philippians.

SDYAM (Feed | iTunes | Google Play)
On behalf of the Diocese, I maintain this feed of all the presentations given at Theology On Tap events in San Diego.