Worship In The Early Church (Video)


Earlier this week, I gave a talk entitled “Worship In The Early Church”. In case you weren’t able to make it, theĀ event organizer recorded my presentation and put it up on Vimeo:

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Worship In The Early Church



Last week I gave a talk on “Worship In The Early Church” at a local Seattle Young Adult event. I’ll be converting this talk into a series of posts later, but in case you wanted to have a listen, I recorded the first half of my talk on my phone:

In the latter portion of the talk we were going through some of the texts of the Early Church and the recording was a little too faint. I’ll put together a better recording at some point over the next few months.

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Worship In The Early Church

I’ve referenced this podcast quite a few times recently in online discussions, so I thought it deserved a post. In the following article from Called To Communion, there is a thirty minute lecture on what we know about Christian worship in the First Century:

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