Evaluating Horn and White’s Debate

A while ago I posted the video of the debate between Dr. James White and Trent Horn on the issue of whether or not it is possible for a Christian to lose his salvation.

The broad response that I’ve seen on the Internet (from both Catholic and Protestant alike) is that Trent put forward the significantly stronger case, and I would agree with this assessment. I’m a fan of Dr. White in many areas and I’ve seen him more successful in other debates debating Catholics, but in this case, I think his position was shown to be very weak.

Dr. White recently put out a video in response to this consensus, explaining how it is that he thinks we should evaluate debates. I literally just came across the following YouTube video which examines this video. It’s a little bit polemic, but if you’ve seen the debate, I think it’s well worth a watch…

Debate: Can you lose your salvation?

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Trent Horn was going to be debating James White on the subject of whether or not it is possible to lose one’s salvation. The video of the entire debate is now up and freely available for viewing:

I’ve seen many of Dr. White’s previous debates. He’s done copious amounts of debates and I’ve seen him debate Catholics and beat them, but I think that, in this case, Trent’s presentation was the far more robust and convincing.

The Best Pro-Life Apologetics Book


Across the dinner table a few months ago, we were discussing the subject of books and what we each thought were the “Must Read” books for adult Catholics. Today I would like to say a few words about a book which I think is the number one book on the subject of pro-life apologetics, “Persuasive Pro-Life” by Trent Horn from Catholic Answers.

I had originally intended to take some time to write a longer review, but since you can currently pick up a copy for $5 or download the eBook for free, it seemed wise to write a shorter review and have it published before the sale comes to an end:


The first thing which should be highlighted is that, although this book is published by Catholic Answers, none of the arguments outlined in the book are based on the Bible or even the existence of God. All arguments are based on easy-to-understand science and clear logic. Even if you are a pro-life atheist/agnostic, you will find this book extremely useful.

Typically, if I like a book, it’ll be in large part because of the way it is organized. This book is no exception. Trent assigns a separate chapter in his book to each pro-choice archetype. These archetypes include:

The Tolerant who personally don’t like abortion, but believe other people should be able to choose it.

The Skeptic who deny that anyone can know when life begins.

The Disqualifier who claim that unborn children do not have a right to life because the unborn are different from born humans.

The Autonomist, for whom it does not matter whether or not the fetus is a human being, because a woman has a right to bodily autonomy.

In each chapter, Trent addresses the essential arguments used by each archetype. He then goes on to explain the faulty science, incorrect assumptions or poor logic which are at work. The chapter then concludes with a (somewhat) imaginary dialogue between Trent and a pro-choice advocate. I particularly liked this feature since this shows how to apply practically what you have learned in that chapter. Not only that, it demonstrates how one can engage in pro-life apologetics in a respectful, productive and persuasive manner.

What other pro-life books would you recommend? Who else is going to the Walk For Life this weekend?

Live Debate Tonight!

In case you didn’t know, Trent Horn from Catholic Answers will be debating James White from Alpha & Omega ministries on the subjection of whether or not Christians can lose their salvation. The rather exciting news this morning is that the debate is going to be streamed live on the Internet at 7pm EST (4pm PST):


I am currently in the middle of Trent Horn‘s latest book, Hard Sayings. In his book, he spends some time discussing the objections raised by critics of the Bible as they interpret Genesis’ account of creation. Just as I was finishing this section of the book, my friend Len shared the following video his Facebook wall:

This video is a 2015 episode of FocusToday, an interview programme which is part of a Christian apostolate. In this particular episode, Jimmy Akin, apologist at Catholic Answers, is interviewed concerning the Catholic interpretation of the first few chapters of the Book of Genesis. As usual, Jimmy discusses the issue in a clear and measured way.

At around the twenty-eight minute mark, the interviewer and Jimmy are joined by John Mittendorf who is associated with the ministry Answers In Genesis.  He takes about ten minutes to respond to Jimmy’s position, after which Jimmy has an opportunity to respond, marked as always with his characteristic gentleness.

Perpetual Virginity of Mary

How might you defend the perpetual virginity of Mary? Trent Horn answers a call…

Trent Horn Debate: Does God exist?

Trent Horn has recently been in Australia debating Raphael Lataster, a secular teacher of religion and someone who holds that Christ never existed. For those of you in the States who didn’t stay up until 3am to watch the debate (lightweights!), here’s a recording of the debate:

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