Theology On Tap: Angels & Demons

AngelIt’s Theology On Tap season again! This series kicked off with Fr. Anthony Saroki speaking on “Angels & Demons: Who are they and how do they influence us?”:

Main Talk (Download)

Q&A (Download)

Thelology On Tap: Prayer In The Fast Lane


In the last round of Theology On Tap we also had Chris Hulbert come and speak to us, “Prayer in the FAST LANE! Quiet moments to connect with God”. The audio is available for download below:

Main Talk (Download)

Q&A (Download)

Group Discussion (Download)

TOT: Crash Course In Sacred Scripture

KatieTheology On Tap was running last month and one of the speakers in this series was Katie Patrizio giving her talk entitled“A Crash Course through Sacred Scripture”.

As well as giving a brief tour through the books of the Bible, in her talk Katie traces the biblical narrative through the six major covenants of Salvation History. As she moves through each of the covenants she explains how the covenants built upon one another and all recapitulated and ultimately fulfilled in the words and actions of Christ. 

Main Talk (Download)

Unfortunately, I had to cut some of the audio during the discussion with the audience because the audio quality was too poor. However, enough context is given in each answer to work out the other side of the conversation…

Q&A (Download)

Group Discussions (Download)

Katie has several more talks on her website that you might like to check out if you’d like to learn more about studying the Bible. She will also be completing her MA in Theology this week and has asked for your prayers!

Theology On Tap: Apocalypse Now?

MBLast month, Dr. Michael Barber gave a talk at Theology On Tap.

Dr. Barber has spoken at Theology On Tap several times in the past (“Understanding The Mass” and “Spiritual Lessons About Politics”), as has his wife (“Mary, Saints, Angels and More!”).

Attached below is the audio of Dr. Barber’s latest talk, entitled “The Book of Revelation and the Mass”, where he deals with some of the misconceptions concerning this final book of the Bible, as well as its connection to the Sunday celebration of the Eucharist with which we’re all familiar:

Main Talk (Download)

Q&A (Download)

If you like what you hear, I’d thoroughly recommend you purchase his book Coming Soon, which is my favourite commentary on the Book of Revelation.

A little update

Life has been a little busy recently with lots of travelling so I’m rather behind with writing more substantial posts, sorry. I think that should change by the end of the month and I can start knocking out all the posts which are currently 90% complete.

TOTOh, and if you’re in Seattle this week, then please come to my Theology On Tap talk tomorrow on “Reading The Bible For All Its Worth”. I’m very excited 🙂

In Seattle next Friday?

Are you in Seattle next Friday? If so, come watch me drink beer and natter about the Bible 🙂


Bringing Sexy Back

Our recent Theology On Tap series was brought to a close by a San Diego favourite, Jackie Francois…or shouldn’t she be called Jackie Angel now?

Anyway, Jackie spoke at the final Theology On Tap about “Bringing Sexy Back…to its original meaning!”.

Main Talk (Download)

Questions & Answers (Download)

UPDATE: In related news, there’s a little angel on the way

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