Speaking Events In San Diego

I’ve resolved to be better at publicizing events where I’m speaking. I’ve got a few talks coming up this month and I’ve actually remembered to create Facebook events for them:


If you’d like to stay up-to-date, you can find details at my Facebook page.

Don’t be too eager to hit “Share”


Back in the early days of this blog, I wrote a post entitled Don’t be too eager to hit “Send”. In that post I spoke about how it’s prudent to exercise caution when sending email, particularly when you’re in a bad mood, as it’s very easy to send someone a nasty message which you may soon come to regret. Today’s post is something of a companion piece: Don’t be too eager to hit “Share”…


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Popularize a pilgrim!

I can always tell when someone has shared one of my articles on social media as I see a sudden spike in the server activity as one of my posts reaches a new audience.

With that in mind,  I have a request. I’d really like to expand the reach of this blog and you can help make this a reality. Could you share one of my posts with your friends today? Whether you use Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or whatever kids use these days, could you post a link to just one of my articles?


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March For Life Discussion: Better Communication


As I previously mentioned, over the next few days I’m going to be publishing some posts in response to a discussion which took place on my Facebook wall while I was at the March For Life in Washington DC.


Some of my friends had reacted negatively to the fact that I was at the March, while others defended my presence at the demonstration, as well as the pro-life position in general.

As I sat in Ronald Reagan Airport at 1am, catching up on this Facebook thread, it was clear that there had been a certain amount of miscommunication between my friends. Now, I think a certain amount of miscommunication is somewhat inevitable, but I would suggest that we can be proactive in ensuring the discussion is productive. This is the subject that I’d like to address in this post.

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Friendship Thoughts



For a more thoughtful commentary on the different kinds of friendship, I’d invite you to read this article by Dr. Taylor Marshall.

The article Modern Friendship first appeared on RestlessPilgrim.net

Knowing when to walk away from an argument

walk awayA while ago I saw an article on Facebook which reported that Fr. Bourgeois, a priest who for many years publicly opposed the Catholic teaching of a male-only priesthood, had been dismissed from the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers.

A friend of mine posted a link on Facebook to the article with the comment “Those bastards in the vatican!!!!”.

My friend has links to the Catholic Church and we have Catholic friends in common, but when I saw the article on his Facebook Timeline I noticed that not a single person had offered a defense of the Church’s actions.

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Friday Frivolity: Facebook Confession

I’m going to receive the Sacrament of Confession this weekend. The problem is that I’ve been bad on Facebook, very bad indeed…


The article Facebook Confession first appeared on RestlessPilgrim.net


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