Last Year’s Resolutions

Tomorrow I’ll post my new resolutions for 2012, but I thought I’d first do a quick review of those from last year.

1. Spend 30 minutes every day in Scripture: A lot of my time in 2011 was spent reading and studying Scripture, but I didn’t manage to achieve the quiet lectio divina style of reading for which I was aiming.

Final Grade: C

2. More dancing: I did quite a bit here. I taught a good handful of times, went out social dancing a few times, attended Swing Diego and did a couple of months of West Coast Swing classes. However, I didn’t manage to settle into a regular pattern of dancing.

Final Grade: D

3. No more rushing: I think I really nailed this one. I had a busy year, but I didn’t overbook or frantically run about from appointment to appointment.

Final Grade: A

4. No chocolate: Did it. It was horrible. I love chocolate.

Final Grade: A

5. Get into the best shape of my life: At the beginning of the year I began keeping a closer eye on my diet. However, I didn’t really get into the way of regular exercise until towards the end of the year. I began running with John in the mornings but finally signed up for Bootcamp. Within two months of joining Bootcamp I lost 4% body fat and 8lbs. I go four or five times a week.

I’m not yet in the greatest shape of my life, but I’m well on my way to getting there. I’ve signed up for the Warrior Dash in March, by which time I hope this resolution will be achieved…

Final Grade: B

6. At least five minutes of guitar practice every day: I haven’t strictly fulfilled this, but I now to play very regularly and I think I’m much improved.

Final Grade: B

7. Keep proper track of finances: Much improved from the beginning of the year. I now have a financial adviser and I have my American finances in reasonable shape now. For a good while I kept a budget and checked my bank balances, but in the latter part of the year I’ve got out of the habit.

Final Grade: C

8. Get back to England for a couple of weeks: I went and it was wonderful 🙂

Final Grade: A

So, my final report card was:

D x1, C x2, B x2, A x3

Not bad! I’ll write about my new resolutions tomorrow 🙂

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a great New Year Celebration and that you all got a kiss at midnight. Here’s mine:

Oh, and speaking of chocolate…

365 Days, 3 Hours and 15 Minutes. It…is…time.

Less than four hours left…

Less than four hours left…and I can have chocolate again!!! 😀

Half Year Update

Wow….we’re already just about half way through 2011… Does it look like I’m going to achieve all my New Year Resolutions?  Let’s take a look and see…

1. Spend 30 minutes every day in Scripture: At the beginning of the year this was my most faithfully kept resolution, but unfortunately now it’s probably the worst… 🙁

2. More dancing: I’ve finally started making good progress in this area, thank goodness! Since my last update, I did the Beginner’s Boot Camp at Swing Diego. I’ve just finished a month of lessons and I’m signed up for another round. Finally getting back on track… 🙂

3. No more rushing: I think I’m still winning here. I’ve had quite a few extra commitments in the past few months (such as hosting Theology On Tap, taking a new course at the Pastoral Institute), but I think I’ve kept the rushing around to a minimum and even had a few peaceful weekends kicking around the apartment.

4. No chocolate: I’m still chocolate-free.  When I miss it, I just stare at this picture for a while…

5. Get into the best shape of my life: I think I’ve been doing pretty well here – my diet is under control and I’m regularly doing moderate exercise. However, I’m nowhere near the best shape of my life. I think some kind of “big push” is needed…

6. At least five minutes of guitar practice every day: I’ve managed to keep this up. I’m actually doing more than this because, come September, I’m going to be the only guitarist at the LifeTeen Mass.

7. Keep proper track of my finances: Virtually all sorted. I’m even being good and checking my bank accounts most mornings for fraudulent activity (you know, like grown-ups do).

8. Get back to England for a couple of weeks: Sorted that back in March.

So, I’m going to have to (i) find a way to integrate Scripture reading into my daily life (ii) keep up with the dancing and (iii) go the extra mile (literally!)  with the exercise.

All in all, none too shabby…