Friday Frivolity: Bible Study

My Godson and I went to a Bible Study last night and it inspired me to create this meme…

Bible Study

“Epistle Of Joy” Podcast

I recently setup the podcast feed for the San Diego diocese Theology On Tap. In order to do this, I had to learn a few things about RSS feeds and the Feedburner service. While I was learning, I setup a podcast feed for the MP3 version of the Philippians Bible study I posted during Lent. So, if you would like to easily listen to the audio version of that Bible Study, you can subscribe using your favourite podcast software by clicking below:

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Bible Study Tool: Parallel Gospels

When studying the Bible, it’s often helpful to compare different accounts of the same event across the different Gospels. In this way, we can find out what particular kind of details were of interest to each Evangelist. I recently came across this tool on Bible Hub which allows you to do just that:


My time with the Catholic Five

Last weekend I was a guest on The Catholic Five and had a blast. Here’s the section of the show where I got to talk about the book I’m currently writing:

Ephesians Questions


For my final month in San Diego, my Bible Study Group is going to be going through the epistles of St. John (1 John, 2 John, 3 John). However, this last week we reviewed our study of Ephesians. Here are the review questions the group came up with:

68. When was Ephesians written?
This letter is one of the “captivity epistles” and therefore was probably written during Paul’s Roman captivity in the early 60s.

69. What is significant about the destination of this epistle?
Mention of Ephesus in verse 1 is not found in the earliest manuscripts. It is therefore possible that this was a circular letter written to a number of congregations, one of which was Ephesus.

70. What was Paul’s relationship with Ephesian Church?
Christianity was present in Ephesus prior to Paul’s arrival. Paul used Ephesus as his base of operations for several years.

71. What does Paul write about in Ephesians?
Paul devotes most of the document to putting forth a vision of God’s redemptive work, brought about through Christ and manifested in the Church.

The Ephesians were mostly newly baptized Pagans and, because of this, some have referred to Ephesians as mystagogical catechesis.

Paul spends quite some time talking about “mystery”. This relates to Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross which draws man, both Jew and Gentile, back into relationship with God. This relationship is communicated through the Church, which has Christ as her head.

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The Epistle of Joy – Episode #19 (Audio)

PodcastThe audio-only version of the latest episode in the Philippians video series is now available to download below.

Today we continue complete our study of Philippians.

Epistle of Joy – Episode #19 (Download)

The Epistle of Joy – Episode #18 (Audio)

PodcastThe audio-only version of the latest episode in the Philippians video series is now available to download below.

Today we continue Chapter 4 and Paul speaks in a little more detail about the gift sent to him by the Philippians.

Epistle of Joy – Episode #18 (Download)

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