Debate: Does God Exist?

I’m currently trying to get into the habit of watching one debate each week. Here’s this week’s entry, “Does God Exist?”, with Dr. William Lane Craig (affirmative) and the late Christopher Hitchens (negative):

Ricky Gervais’ Atheism

Ricky Gervais is best known for his role as David Brent in the UK show, “The Office”, but he’s also an outspoken atheist and was recently on a talk show with Stephen Colbert where he spoke about his atheism.

In previous posts I have responded to some of the things Mr Gervais has said regarding God, but in a recent article from Catholic Answers, Trent Horn directly addresses some of the content of the recent interview with Colbert:

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The existence of God: The Argument From Desire


There are many topics I’ve wanted to write about but either through lack of time or, more recently, writer’s block, I’ve never quite managed to tackle them. However, today I will begin to scratch a writing itch which I’ve had for some time. Over the next month or so, I will be publishing articles which relate to the classical proofs for the existence of God.

Argument From Desire

A few days ago, I was talking with a friend on Facebook who is a former Catholic. During our discussion, I mentioned a philosphical proof for God, known as the “Argument From Desire”. He asked me to explain it, so I wrote a brief summary of the proof and we spent a little bit of time going back and forth. So, drawing upon this conversation, I thought that this would be good topic with which to begin this series of posts on the philosophical arguments for God…

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The Argument From Desire

My favourite argument for the Existence of God is The Argument From Desire, not because I think it’s the most airtight philosophical proof, but because it’s the one that resonates so deeply within me. Here’s Fr. Barron to explain what exactly it is…

Arguments for God’s Existence

Whenever I’m asked about atheism and theism, I always point people to this talk by my favourite Philospher, Dr. Peter Kreeft:

Isn’t all religion anti-intellectual?

Quite some time ago, a NY Times columnist, Ross Douthat wrote a book called “Bad Religion”. He went on the show of militant atheist Bill Maher and I found their conversation really enlightening.

In particular, at one point Maher asks “Isn’t all religion anti-intellectual?” and Douthat gave what I thought was a really great answer.

My favourite part though was when Douthat talks a little bit about how our understanding of the human person radically alters our perception of abuses of religion.

I’d invite you to check out the video and see how Douthat calmly responds to Mayers questions with clear, logical responses.

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