If you’d like me to come to your parish, please forward this link to the relevant person at your parish and send me an email. It could be at Diocese Young Adult event, a parish mission, your parish’s Bible Study or discussion group.

Just let me know where you are in the States, and I’ll do my best to make sure that I can be in your part of the country at the right time! Here are the recordings of some of the talks I have previously given…


Christian Living

Evangelization for the Terrified (Download)
Jesus told his disciples to go out to the whole world and share the Good News. If it’s “Good News”, why does that seem so scary?! In this talk I explain why we shouldn’t be shared of doing evangelization and give some very practical tools for speaking to your friends and family about the Faith.

Is there life before marriage? (Download)
Is the single life like a waiting room where you twiddle your thumbs, waiting for Mr or Miss Right to turn up? In this presentation, I discuss marriage, dating, and how to spend your single years.

Getting more out of the Mass…in ten minutes (Download)
This is the short version of a longer talk where we look at how to get the most of our Mass-going experience.

Sacred Scripture

Reading Sacred Scripture for all its worth (Download)
How do Catholics read the Bible? What can you do to get the more out of Scripture at Mass? If you want to grow more familiar with the Biblical texts, where do you start?

Hidden Treasure: How the Old Testament is unveiled in the New (Download)
This is an exploration of “Biblical Typology”, the way of reading Scripture which was developed by the Early Church Fathers, seeing in the Old Testament foreshadowings of the events of Christ, His Mother and the Kingdom of Heaven.

Church History

The Worship of the Early Church (Download)
What did the first Christians do when they gathered together? If you could travel back in time to the end of the First Century and attend a Christian gathering, would you feel out-of-place?

Blood and Ink: How the Early Church Conquered the World (Download)
How did a small Jewish sect, started in the First Century, whose founder was publicly executed, manage to conquer the might of the Roman Empire? In this talk, I explain how the first Christians witnessed to Jesus both in their writing, lives and martyrdom, thereby winning the world for Christ.

How I met your (Blessed) Mother (Download)
I will be talking about how I came to know Mary, even after years of struggling with the Church’s teaching on the Blessed Mother. In this talk I will be offering some suggestions on how we might grow in our love for Mary and come to understand her role in Salvation History more deeply.


Other Information

More Talks

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Contact information for references is available upon request:


Carrie O’Loughlin
Young Adult Coordinator of St. Brigid Parish

Nancy Wesseln
Director of the San Diego Catholic Adult Community

Roland Santos
Coordinator of SPC Retreat


Kristen Marquis
Program Coordinator for the Kansas City Metropolitan Area


Gentry Heimerman
Young Adult Coordinator for the Diocese of Dodge City


David Linz
Young Adult Coordinator of “Drinks With Dominicans”