Favourite People: Vic Scaravilli

Today I wanted to advertise another website, Catholic Digital Studio.

Catholic Digital Studio has quite a lot of great resources, but I particularly wanted to draw your attention to the materials produced by Vic Scaravilli. Vic has done a load of talks on a variety of topics which include:

The Basic Gospel Message / Basics of Catholic Faith
Catholic study of Paul’s letter to the Romans
Protestant-Catholic dialog

Some of his talks are available as audio,

I always enjoy watching Vic teach. I particularly like the fact that he takes a big stick with him to class. hmmm….now there’s an idea… 😀

Biblical Language

I was looking through my brower’s bookmarks and came across this nice little post from Aggie Catholics which lists some of the popular phrases which come from the Bible. Here are some of my favourites:

“Living off the fat of the land” – Genesis 45:17-18
“Can a leopard change his spots?” – Jeremiah 13:23
“Eat, drink, and be merry” – Ecclesiastes 8:15
“The root of the matter” – Job 19:28
“Apple of my eye” – Deuteronomy 2:10 / Zechariah 2:8
“Twinkling of an eye” – 1 Corinthians 15:52
“A fly in the ointment” – Ecclesiastes 10:1
“Bite the dust” – Psalms 72: 9
“By the skin of our teeth” – Job 19:20

New Young Adult Diocesan Website Launched

The new Young Adult Diocesan website has been launched:

Email Subscription

When I moved this blog from wordpress.com to my own domain I lost the ability for readers to setup an email subscription to this blog. This has now been remedied. If you would like to receive an email when I make a new entry, please click on the “Subscribe” link on the right-hand menu. Alternatively, you can just click here.

See how happy this feature has made Meg Ryan?

Sunday Lectionary: We were doing so well…

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time: 28th August, 2011

In this week’s Gospel we pick up where we left off last Sunday. Last week Peter gave his confession of Faith, but in today’s reading he doesn’t fare so well….

However, I think the real jewel this week is the Second Reading from St. Paul’s letter to the Romans. Every word of this passage is rich with meaning and worthy of meditation.

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The promised apology

This is my promised apology…

“Okay, Minion, you were right, and I was…less right” – Megamind

Okay, not that kind of apology… On Monday, when I put up the “Lectionary Notes” for yesterday’s Mass Readings, I said that later in the week I would try to do a slightly more apologetics-related post concerning Matthew 16.

Since this is an apologetics entry, if you haven’t read my Ecumenical Apologist post, I would invite you to read that first since it explains something of my perspective and my attempted approach with posts like this.

I was running a little low on time this week so I dug through my email and found a correspondence from a few years ago with a non-Catholic whom we will call “Jay”. Jay raised the question of the Pope early on in our correspondence, but I had resisted talking about the issue of the Papacy until we had covered some more fundamental issues (authority, the canon etc.).

Anyway, here’s what I said in response to his statements about Matthew 16…

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