Friday Frivolity: The Nativity Fast

Another great one from Eastern Catholic Memes to celebrate the Nativity Fast. If you have Eastern Catholic friends and they look sad at the moment, this is why… 🙂


Wise Words on Wednesday: Feeling guilty about anxieties


“Some people feel guilty about their anxieties and regard them as a defect of faith. I don’t agree at all. They are afflictions, not sins. Like all afflictions, they are, if we can so take them, our share in the Passion of Christ”

― C.S. Lewis, Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer

The Sea Within

I’ve recently made an effort to get back into the water and go surfing each week. It is, after all, one of the perks of living somewhere like San Diego, bruh….

Last week, while I was sitting on my board waiting for the next round of waves, I was chatting (as you do) about philosophy and, in particular, one of my favourite people in the world, Dr. Peter Kreeft. I’m sure that many of you reading this post have heard of Dr. Kreeft. However, I would imagine that a good number of you were unaware that Dr. Kreeft loves surfing…

If you’d like more material like this, then I’d definitely recommend listening to his lecture on The Sea.

Music Monday: Love will heal

Today is another song from PJ Anderson, a song which was performed at the March For Life in Washington DC last year:

Who knew there’d be a day
Where we’d have to fight for this
To be the voice of righteousness
To speak for those unheard

For all our beating hearts
Began in the same love
No one should take away from us
The simple right to live

Hear our voice
We are one
We will fight until we’ve won

Love will heal every heart
We will fight until we’ve won
Until we’ve won

Our history is burdened by all the violence
The hatred and defiance of
The love for which we’re made

But we are here to be the ears for the broken
The voice for those unspoken
The future can be peace

Only love can change hearts
Let your peace be the spark


The Eagle and Child: S1E10 – “The Shocking Alternative”



Does the presence of evil in the world mean that God wills it? This and several other very important questions will be tackled by C.S. Lewis in today’s episode. Jack looks at humanity’s attempt to be happy with “something other than God”, as well as God’s initiatives to call mankind back to Himself.

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Episode 10: “The Shocking Alternative” (Download)


— Show Notes —

• My outline for this chapter is available here and there is a C.S. Lewis Doodle available this week!

• This episode we were finishing off our bottles of Shock Top.

• How is it that evil is present in the world? Surely either God wills it or he is not all-powerful? Well, Jack says that anyone who has held a position of authority over others will see the resolution of this dilemma. As soon as you make something optional, you open the door to the possibility that nobody will do that optional task.

• Lewis says he can’t imagine a creature which had free will but who also had no possibility of going wrong. Both Matt and I agree.

• Free will is the only thing which makes love possible. Was this trade-off worth it? Jack thinks so and, more importantly, so did God!

• “Every Christian wants to serve God, it’s just that most only want to serve Him in an advisory capacity”

• Did God mess up making us, given our tremendous capacity for evil? Lewis makes the point that the greater something is, the greater its capacity for good and evil.

• What caused Satan to go wrong? Jack suggests that he tried to put himself ahead of  God. This is what he taught humanity to do as well and it has been the source of much of the suffering in the world.

• I mentioned Jennifer Fulweiler‘s book, Something other than God, which details her conversion from atheism to Catholicism. Matt casually said that he hung out with her at a Notre Dame football game a few weeks ago…but then abandoned her to go tailgating! #BadMatt He is clearly trying to one-up me after I (very humbly) mentioned in our episodes on the Preface that I had met the Preacher to the Papal Household, Raniero Cantalamessa.

• The happiness God intends for us is inseparable from God Himself. It is like trying to get a car to run on something other than gas/petrol. St. Augustine of Hippo wrote in his Confessions: “You made us for Yourself, O Lord, and our hearts will wander restless until we rest in You”. This is also the sign-off used in my other podcast, The Restless Heart.

• What has been God’s response to our attempts to alienate ourselves from Him?

1. He gave us conscience

2. He sent us “good dreams”, stories scattered throughout other religions which speak of a god dying and coming back to life in some way, preparing us for and pointing us towards Jesus.

3. He chose and formed Israel, who was called to point the other nations towards God and to welcome the Messiah when He came.

4.  Jesus.

• It’s popular to say that Jesus never claimed divinity. Lewis shows that this isn’t reasonable, particularly given what Jesus said and did within the framework of monotheistic Judaism. Jack notes one often-overlooked aspect of Jesus’ ministry – He claimed to forgive sins as though He was the one chiefly offended by the sin. I compared this to Psalm 50/51 where David speaks of his sin against Bathsheba and her husband:

“Against thee [God], thee only, have I sinned,
    and done that which is evil in thy sight,
so that thou art justified in thy sentence
    and blameless in thy judgment” – Psalm 51:4

• Matt reminded us that when someone sins against us, we should really desire their reconciliation with God even more than reconciliation with ourselves.

• It’s also popular these days to reduce Jesus to a just a great moral teacher. However, Lewis points out that this is not a viable option. He then presents one of his most famous arguments, the trilemma. Jesus is either liar, lunatic or Lord.

Discounts on all indulgences!

This year, once again, we can expect the Catholic Church to offer significant discounts on all indulgences between Black Friday and Cyber Monday:


This is, of course, satire, but if you’re interested in learning about the authentic Catholic teaching concerning indulgences, I’d encourage you to listen to the latest episode of The Art of Catholic, where Matt Leonard speaks with Mary Moorman on this subject.

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