Music Monday: Nuns Who Rock

Something a little different for today’s “Music Monday”…

Blood and Ink (MP3)



A couple of weeks ago I gave a talk at Santa Sophia entitled “Blood & Ink: How the Early Church Conquered the World”. Unfortunately, soon after given the talk, my laptop decided to die, so I couldn’t upload the audio. My laptop is finally fixed, so here you go…

Blood & Ink: How the Early Church Conquered the World (Download)

Scott’s Journey Home

So it turns out another friend went on The Journey Home! Scott Weeman was recently interviewed about his struggles with addiction and his faith journey:

Debate: Can you lose your salvation?

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Trent Horn was going to be debating James White on the subject of whether or not it is possible to lose one’s salvation. The video of the entire debate is now up and freely available for viewing:

I’ve seen many of Dr. White’s previous debates. He’s done copious amounts of debates and I’ve seen him debate Catholics and beat them, but I think that, in this case, Trent’s presentation was the far more robust and convincing.

Wise Words on Wednesday: Time & Place


Imagine your relationship is like a grand and beautiful house, and in that house there is a fireplace – massive, oak, ornate and stunning. You put the firewood in the fireplace, light the match, and enjoy the warmth and romantic ambiance. The fireplace is marriage – where sex is not only safe and secure but is an incredible gift from God. The fire is our sexual hunger and intimacy; and if it is not used in its right time and setting, it will actually bring gret harm. So, imagine that beautiful house again with no fireplace in it: if you lit a fire in the middle of your living room, you would burn your whole house to the ground.

– Sarah Swafford, Emotional Virtue

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