Wise Words on Wednesday: Giver of every good gift


As you take your seat at table, pray… offer thanks to the Giver…remember Him Who supplies you with this gift, to make your heart glad and to comfort your weakness. Has your need for taking food passed away? Let not the thought of your Benefactor pass away too.

As you are putting on your tunic, thank the Giver of it. As you wrap your cloak about yourself, feel yet greater love to God…

Is the day done? Give thanks to Him Who has given us the sun for our daily work, and has provided for us a fire to light up the night and to serve the rest of the needs of life”

– St. Basil

Wise Words on Wednesday: Keeping darkness at bay


“I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.”

– Gandalf, The Lord of the Rings

Wise Words On Wednesday: Looking into another’s heart


“When we look into the heart, may our eyes have the kindness and reverence of candlelight”

– John O’donahue

Wise Words on Wednesday: What forms us


Our present actions have this effect because we are forming our hearts, our minds, our desires, our goals, and our dreams. In other words, what we let into our minds and hearts now will affect us moving forward. How we let the pressures and the insecurities and the fears of life play out will affect us, and they will begin to form us

– Sarah Swafford, Emotional Virtue

Wise Words on Wednesday: When the world knows we’re frauds


The incongruity between what we claim to believe and the lives we live says everything the world needs to know. Any honest outsider can tell that we can’t possibly believe what we say we believe. Not only is our religion a fraud, but so are we Christians. At least, that’s what our actions often communicate to the world

– Messy & Foolish, Matthew Warner

Wise Words on Wednesday: Love & Responsibility

Pope John-Paul II

The greater the [sense of] responsibility for the [other] person, the more true love is there

– Pope John-Paul II, Love and Responsibility

Wise Words on Wednesday: A Skeptical World


“For the secular society of today is skeptical not merely about spiritual assumptions, but about its own secular assumptions. It has not merely broken the church window or besieged the tower of tradition; it has also kicked away the ladder of progress by which it had climbed.

The Declaration of Independence, once the charter of democracy, begins by saying that certain things are self-evident. If we were to trace the history of the American mind from Thomas Jefferson to William James, we should find that fewer and fewer things were self-evident, until at last hardly anything is self-evident.

So far from it being self-evident to the modern that men are created equal, it is not self-evident that men are created, or even that men are men.”

– G.K. Chesterton, 1926

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