Friday Frivolity: Cecile Tweets

In the past I’ve covered some of the breathtaking marketing programmes from Planned Parenthood and their tendency to shoot themselves in the foot. For today’s “Friday Frivolity”, I wanted to share a tweet put out by Cecile Richards, the President of the abortion provider:

Here’s how my friend Katie responded…

I was about to close the browser tab, but then I decided to peruse some more of Ms Richards’ tweets as I drank my tea. I then came across this tweet…

I first noticed the comment. The phrase “Birth control is good for business” pretty much translates into “Sterilize your workforce and their family won’t get in the way of their productivity”. However, then I noticed the graphic used in the tweet. It looked so familiar… they didn’t, did they? I clicked on the link


Yup, Planned Parenthood had used a graphic of an NFP chart! Apparently they do know what is! Maybe they could consider this a better way to plan parenthood?

Friday Frivolity: Fasting Day

I’m sensing it’s nearly time in the Liturgical Year to start fasting again. Here’s a great graphic from Eastern Catholic Memes:


Friday Frivolity: Bible Study

My Godson and I went to a Bible Study last night and it inspired me to create this meme…

Bible Study

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