Friday Frivolity: Spelling Matters

So I saw a lot of funny stuff posted for Ash Wednesday this year. The winner, however, was Dr. Italy with this little gem…

Ash Wendesday

Friday Frivolity: A weird year…


Personally, I’m psyched! It’s been the first Valentine’s Day in a while where I know I know I definitely have plans (Mass) and know I’m going to receive a gift (ashes)!

So you’re saying is…

A couple of days ago, I posted a video of Jordan Peterson being interviewed on Channel 4 by Cathy Newman. It’s a bit of silliness which collates all of Newman’s “So you’re saying is…”. Made me chuckle.

Wookie Religion

A while back, I saw a picture of Deacon Greg Kandra meeting Chewbacca from Star Wars and then it hit me: is the Wookie from Star Wars wearing a diaconal stole (Orarion)?





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