In the modern world, abortion is rampant (Disturbing numbers) in the US following its legalization (Some things you might not know about Roe vs Wade). In response to this, I have written many articles looking at the different arguments used in favour of abortion:

What is the difference between the born and the unborn?
Are you willing to bet you’re right?
Staying fetus-focussed in discussions
Abortion and quality of life
Pregnancy in the case of rape

I have also written some posts which deal with the surrounding issues which are often raised during the abortion debate:

Is it unloving to speak out against abortion?
Pushing our pro-life religion
Abortion, a matter of law?
Better to be legal than have back-alley abortions?
Biology 101

I have also responded to some of the stranger arguments made, such as suggesting that St. Thomas Aquinas thought that early abortions were okay (Was St. Thomas Aquinas pro-life?)