Music Monday: Deliverer

Today I’d like to share the new single from Audrey Assad entitled “Deliverer”.

Rather than sharing the lyrics (which are in the video anyway), I’d like to share Audrey’s words explaining the origin of this song:

I grew up with some rather terrible and terrifying ideas about who God was. Mostly, I believed that God only loved me because Jesus stepped in between us and God couldn’t see me anymore—this contributed to many years of a tormented and broken-down relationship with God, based mostly in fear and shame.

Jesus is often called ‘Immanuel’, which means ‘God with us.’ Imagine the deep healing that took place when I came to recognize that Jesus came not to defend us from God, but to display in His life, death, and resurrection exactly who God has always been.

When I took a good honest look at the ruins in my heart, it is no surprise that I found Him there, ‘preaching His gospel to the poor’ (T. Merton) — He had been with me and within me all along, delivering me not from God, but from my own inner death.

I truly hope you are blessed and ministered to by this song. It was a healing experience to write it.

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