Planned Parenthood Marketing strikes again!

A while ago I commented on some recent gaffs from the Planned Parenthood marketing department. Today I came across an old one from 2015:


Apparently, Planned Parenthood is a “safe” place for anyone, regardless of “…age…body shape, size, and ability”. This is an immensely interesting claim, since the killing of the unborn is very often justified because of their age, body shape, size and ability…


  • The irony is so thick in this sign that I’d rather have my head ironed with an actual hot iron. That these people cannot see their own cognitive-dissonance in proof of their own random stupidity…a very, very dangerous stupidity.

    BTW, I haven’t let you know through the ‘comments’ section lately, that I DO check-in with your site on a daily basis. Keep up the fantastic job that you do.

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