Music Monday: O Little While

A couple of weeks ago I attended a concert performed by Joe Zambon. I’ve been driving around listening to his new CD ever since. I’m sure I’ll be posting some more of his songs over the coming weeks, but here’s one with my favourite video, “O Little While”:

This song was inspired by the words of St. Bernard of Clairvaux:

“O little while, little while! How long a little while! Dear Lord, you say it is for a little while that we do not see you. The word of my Lord may not be doubted, but it is a long while, far too long. Yet both are true; it is a little while compared to what we deserve, but a long while to what we desire. You have each meaning expressed by the prophet Habakuk: ‘If he delays, wait for him, for he will come, and will not delay’ (Hab. 2:3) How is it that he will not delay if he does delay, unless it is that he comes sooner than we deserve but not as soon as we desire?”

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