Worship In The Early Church (Video)


Earlier this week, I gave a talk entitled “Worship In The Early Church”. In case you weren’t able to make it, the event organizer recorded my presentation and put it up on Vimeo:

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It is also available here on YouTube:


  • Nicely done.. except there are Churches, 23 or so, that together, in union, comprise the Catholic Church. Each of these Churches, have different Rites. For instance, in the Roman Catholic Church, there are the Latin “Extraordinary Form”, Ordinary Form, Serum, Milanese, Dominican and other worship rites, most which have been fallen away or only exist in rare pockets. In the Eastern Catholic Churches the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom and St. Basil are most common, while in some oriental churches the Liturgy of St. James or other rites are used. I do believe this is an important shift in thinking for most Roman Catholics to understand that it’s not just a difference over the liturgy and vestments used on Sunday, but there are distinct differences in theology and spirituality that are complementary and together comprise the Catholic tradition.

    • Hey Sean 🙂

      The need first to look at Jewish religious practice and First Century Christian worship meant that I was never going to be able to get very far into the Church’s history to see the diversity within the Her worship in later years.

      It looks like I’m going to be invited back for another Theology Uncorked session and I’m planning on picking things up where I left off at the end of this talk. I already have my material prepared. We’ll be looking at Hippolytus’ “Apostolic Tradition” and then return eastwards by walking through the Liturgy of St. James, together with St. Cyril’s teaching in his Catechetical Lectures.

      God bless,


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