25 Random Facts

One of my friends commented that there’s not a whole lot of “me” on this blog, so today I’m cheating and rehashing something which I posted on Facebook two years ago…

It was a craze that went around Facebook where you wrote twenty-five random facts about yourself in a Note and then tagged a load of friends who then had to do the same. Rinse and repeat.

The content of my Facebook Note was as follows:

Man, this was difficult! It was particularly hard coming up with things that people may not know about me but that I’m also comfortable with putting into the public domain!

I think this “25 Random Facts” thing has been the best thing in Facebook to date – I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone else’s, so here goes…

1. I was a bit of a handful in Primary School – I became very familiar with the Headmaster’s office, having usually been sent there for getting into fights. I wasn’t at all academic then either.

2. I hated school up until the age of 16. After that, it just got better and better…

3. I was a very arty child (drawing, poetry etc) until about the age of twelve when I swapped my soul for an Amiga 600 with 1MB of RAM…

4. I have a scar by my right elbow from a moped accident in France when I was fifteen. I’m really proud of it. Chicks dig scars.

5. I’ve been a Christian all my life, but at the age of twenty I had a major renewal in my faith. I couldn’t imagine life otherwise.

6. I love chick-flicks. There, I said it.

UPDATE: If you know me, this really isn’t news… 😉

7. I originally started salsa as part of a New Year Resolution: I couldn’t think of anything which terrified me more than dancing, yet it has now become one of the major parts of my life.

8. I’m always reading. I finish a book about every three weeks. Usual topics are theology, psychology, history, fiction and techy nonsense.

UPDATE: I still read a lot, but it has recently been taking me longer to finish books. I really need to set aside more time…

9. I’ve periodically suffered with insomnia since I was about twenty-three. It’s horrible.

UPDATE: I wrote about this here.

10. I’ve been a member of the He-Man fan club since I was six.

11. I classified was as dislexik at the age of ten, but I’ve learnt to cope, thank Dog!

12. I have been engaged once (in 1984).

13. Growing up, I owned four gerbils – they were called Bruce, Lee, Jackie and Chan.

14. I failed my driving test first time round, like all the best people do. I failed due to speeding, which, let’s face it, if you’re gonna fail, is probably the coolest way to do it. Since getting my license, I’ve driven more abroad than I have in the UK.

UPDATE: When I moved to America I passed my California Driving Test on my first try, meaning that I’ve now passed my driving test on the first and second attempt!

15. In my late teens and early twenties I suffered from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). It’s horrible. If you want to get an idea of what it’s like, watch “The Aviator” .

UPDATE: I’ve decided it’s time to write about this. Expect a post about this sometime in the near future…

16. I had a fear of heights so in DC I took up rock climbing. I *still* have a fear of heights, but *now* I also can rock climb!

17. I did a skydive last Halloween. I can tell you that it was only my pride that got me to jump off that plane after I had looked out the door of the plane…

18. I’m currently trying to teach myself Spanish

UPDATE: I did this for three months prior to my trip to Barcelona. I stopped shortly afterwards to get enough Italian together for my trip to Rome.

19. I was Chairman of the Sign Language Society at University. I really need to start doing that again…

UPDATE: I haven’t… 🙁

20. If you send me application requests in Facebook (vampires, sheep, hugs etc), it doesn’t matter how much I love you, they *will* be ignored.

21. Between the ages of 14-16, I won a bronze and two gold medals at the UK Independent Schools Judo Championships (I’m an unofficial brown-belt, but haven’t done it since university).

22. During childhood, I regularly did archery.

23. My favourite time of the week is Sunday evening, usually with a hot beverage and a cake. Some of my most valued relationships have been founded at this time of the week.

24. No, I don’t know when I’ll be going back to the States. I’ll let you know as soon as there’s any news.

UPDATE: I came back and now live here 🙂

25. One of these “facts” is wrong… 😉

UPDATE: Yeah, I’m horrible… 😉


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